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Discover unique Balloon Gifts

Balloon Gifts

Our balloons make beautiful, unique gifts for every special occasion. Whether you’re looking to say ‘Thank you’, ‘Get well’, ‘Congratulations’, or just show someone that you care, we have the perfect balloon present just for you.

Take a look at our gallery or get in touch with us about your own unique design.

Stunning Stuffed Balloons

What’s better than a balloon gift? A gift inside a balloon of course! Our balloons are approximately 18” and can be filled with candy, soft toys, clothing, or anything your heart desires. You can even give your gift a more personal touch by putting your own message inside the balloon.

Our balloon gifts come fully decorated with bows and ribbons that are sure to impress. And thanks to our high-quality latex and balloon shining techniques, your gorgeous stuffed balloon gift can last up to three weeks!

All our balloon gifts are made fresh on the day of delivery to ensure your gift arrives as fresh as possible. Please contact us today to pre-order your unique balloon gift.

Helium Balloons

We have a huge range of helium balloons for every special occasion. From ‘Happy Birthday’ to ‘Get Well Soon’ there’s sure to be something to put a smile on your loved one’s face. Your gift will arrive wrapped in a box. When your loved one opens the box the balloons will gently float out making it the perfect surprise gift. But don’t worry! All our helium balloons are weighted so they won’t float too far.

Balloon Sculptures

Add a little sparkle with one of our gorgeous hand-made balloon sculptures. These gifts are perfect for young and old alike. From flowers and animals to something more personalised, we have balloon sculptures for every occasion. Contact us today to arrange a design that’s perfect for you.